Beyerdynamic T1


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Product Description

The new beyerdynamic Tesla 1:

Semi-open construction
Outstandingly neutral (isolated against exterior noises without completely muffling them)
Symmetric 6-pole cable
Dual entry cord
Made in Germany
Precision and passion: no hi-fi headphones embody those principles like the flagship products from beyerdynamic. A new era has dawned with the development of the beyerdynamic Tesla 1 – 600 Ohms, the crown jewel of all premium stereo headphones. The new Tesla technology gives the T1 an enormous boost in efficiency. The completely redesigned transducers achieve values of over one Tesla (a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). That provides the listener with almost double as much volume as traditional headphones. The increased efficiency also leaves the T1 with greater power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The extremely lightweight 600 Ohm voice coil provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity. To perfectly compliment that precision the acoustic baffle was set at an angle within the interior of the casing. It adjusts to the natural peculiarities of the human ear and helps the detail-rich sound stream even more effectively into the ear’s interior. All of which helps you better enjoy the spatially accurate, extremely natural sound. The elegant look of the T1 compliments the technical achievements, with even the smallest of details selected by hand. This model reaffirms beyerdynamic’s commitment to world-class “Made in Germany” quality. Get the most out of your headphones: enjoy the T1 together with the A1 headphone amplifier as the dream team for audiophiles.


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